About Us

Australasian Piling Company (APC) was established in 1953 and carries out pile driving, bored piles and drilling projects in every state via offices in Adelaide, Sydney and Perth.

APC can install pre-cast concrete, steel or timber piles with NO NOISE, NO VIBRATION and NO CONTAMINATION up to 6000 kN – with each pile static load tested to its ultimate load during installation – using our unique “G” Pile System.

We confirm that we have been involved in the geotechnical engineering aspects of the G-Pile method since its introduction into Australia in early 1998.

We have applied the method in a variety of geological conditions ranging from soft and stiff clays, loose and dense sands and gravels, to weathered rock in NSW, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia.

The G-Pile method falls under the classification of a “performed displacement pile” by AS 2159 “Piling – Design and Installation Code”, section 1.7.2. However, the method has many advantages over conventional performed displacement piles such as:

1. No vibration is associated with its installation.

2. Minimal noise is generated during installation.

3. By the method of installation, each pile is effectively proof loaded to failure during construction so that greater confidence is obtained in the assessment of the pile’s carrying capacity.

4. In contrast to many other piling types, much cleaner site works are associated with the G-Pile method.

The G-Pile method has been carried out for the following major projects:

* Rivergardens Project (23 stories), Southbank, Melbourne. This involved soil conditions comprising soft Coode Island Silt overlying Melbourne Mudstone with pile depths up to 36m.

* Burswood Resort Casino, located adjacent to the Swan River, Perth. This involved piles to a depth of 36m in soft alluvial soils.

* Adelaide University Redevelopment Projects (2 separate building projects). This involved piling through River Torrens alluvium including a layer of dense gravels over Blanche Point formation.

* Sydney International Airport. This involved piling through sands to a depth of up to 18m.

* Redfern Residential Apartments, NSW. This involved piling through loose marine sands and into weathered shale up to about 10m depth.

* Perth convention centre,

The company also specialises in bored piles measuring up to 1,500mm in diameter and 42m deep and has a large range of late model drilling equipment available to handle all types of bored piles for building, contiguous walls, telecommunication tower bases, cassions, retention systems, tower crane footings etc.

We can provide an independent design facility to ensure you of the best value, both commercially and environmentally, for your pile driving dollar.