The G-Pile

The “G” PILE System (NO NOISE, NO VIBRATION, EPA compliant).

We can install pre-cast concrete, steel or timber piles with no noise and no vibration with each pile static load tested to its ULTIMATE LOAD during installation.

The types of preformed piles have included precast concrete piles of sizes varying from 185mm squared to 550mm square, steel tube piles closed ended and filled with reinforced concrete and hardwood timber piles.

  • The YZY600T machine can install pre-cast or steel piles, to unlimited depths to an ultimate load of 600 tonnes (6000 KN).
  • The YZY120T machine can install pre-cast, steel or timber piles in 6 metre long segments to unlimited depths and to a maximum load of 120 tonnes (1200KN).

Both of the ā€œGā€ PILE systems carry out a static load test on EACH pile as they are installed eliminating the need for any further pile load testing and integrity testing. Because the piles can be visually inspected during manufacture or supply, and all piles are load tested during installation, you are assured of 100% Q.A.